Menlyn Maine

Menlyn Maine is the first Green City in South Africa – aims to be the ultimate in convenient living. Sustainability has become a popular ideal that is highly publicised and trends such as, ‘going green’ have altered consumer behaviours. The idea of a Green City is a long awaited initiative that resonates with a significant number of people. The union between world-class innovation, sustainability and convenience, will meet all the expectations of a modern South African consumer.

The website is designed to reflect Menlyn Maine’s Cental Square and the design aesthetic they have established. The design insight for the website stems from the ambition to create an appealing, modern and simplistic platform for contemporary South African consumers to learn more and be inspired to live balanced and responsible lives. The website’s design and layout is heavily based on photography and clear visuals. This is done to ensure that the viewer gets a clear and concise idea of Menlyn Maine’s offering. The visuals will include images of people enjoying themselves in different scenarios. This will communicate the rich experiences audiences will get to part-take in when they visit the Central Square.