Hey what are you doing these days…? ahhh you know I’m on my hustle. Im sure we’ve all been in this situation before, you run into that old friend that’s never been quite able to get things going, that one guy that’s always “between jobs”. Whether you call it growth hacking, “being on your grind” or straight up hustling, trying to grow your business in innovative, cost-effective ways can yield some surprising results…I mean Ross built an entire career on telling people how good he was at it.

So when your fledgling business is inevitably faced with the age-old conundrum of; how to reach a new audience on what can only be described as a shoestring budget, it may come as a comfort to know that there are creative ways to say, “ HEY LOOK AT ME ”, without using the traditional tactic of simply throwing money at the problem until goes away.

The Holiday campaign

Running your promotional campaigns in conjunction with a beloved holiday is a great way to just onto the hype train created by holidays such as Valentines day, Halloween and the big daddy of marketing holidays, Christmas. I mean regardless of your religious views almost everyone loves ’em some Christmas, besides what kind of monster can resist a sweet Christmas sweater from Nana?

Incentivized Engagement

Some of the most brilliant solutions to a problem are at times some of the most simple and glaringly obvious, So when it comes to finding out how you can grow your company and improve things for your clients the best solution would be to…ask them. What!? you ask, yep simple as that just ask them, the greatest insight into customer is straight from the horses mouth. But these kinds of valuable nuggets of information don’t come easy. Like all good things there is a little bit of give and take when seeking public engagement, if you want people to help you, you need to attach some kind of incentive to their engagement… you know tit for tat.


They may get a bad rep because of their association with the hours your aunt spent painstakingly cutting them out of the Sunday newspaper, but Coupons actually work. think of all the times you’ve walked past an item on your way to “just get milk”, and got lured in by that bright 20% off sign? It human nature to sucrose to a “good deal” even if it’s for something we don’t really need or would otherwise buy. The thought of saving 20% has drove many a customer into buying something that they would have ignored 100% of the time. So sometimes an 80% boost is actually just masquerading as a 20% hit.

No matter the method of your madness just alway remember that growth hacking rodent just happen, you need to hustle…hustle real hard.